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118: “My sport is something that I do, it’s not who I am.” - My interview with Entrepreneur, Author, and former UGA Swimmer, Nick Salyers

July 11, 2018
In the 118th episode of Keep Moving Forward, I interview entrepreneur, author, and former UGA swimmer, Nick Salyers.
“My sport is something that I do, it’s not who I am.” Your identity is so much bigger than the circumstance you are in right now. Though you consider yourself an athlete, an entrepreneur, a student, any title you can think of, that is not who you are, it is something you are doing right now. Nick Salyers learned that firsthand through his own collegiate athletic journey and into his life as an entrepreneur. In being lead by something so much larger than himself, and rooting his identity and worth not in his sport, but in a belief in God, Nick notes: “A bad race didn’t destroy me and a good race didn’t build me up unnecessarily. I was able to stay level-headed. My faith did that.” Remaining steadfast in the most challenging and in the most rewarding moments, Nick was able to keep a level head and continue to push forward into the bright future he is called into.
I am so happy that I had the opportunity to speak with him about his journey through faith, sports, and entrepreneurship, and I hope you all enjoy my interview with Nick Salyers.
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Always remember, you can beat the odds and go the distance, if only you keep moving forward.