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134: “Be someone who wasn’t afraid to tell his story.” - My interview Host of The Untold 98 Percent Podcast, Matt Mounier

October 31, 2018
In the 134th episode of Keep Moving Forward I interview Mortgage Broker and Host of The Untold 98 Percent Podcast, Matt Mounier.
“Be someone who wasn’t afraid to tell his story.” One of the most challenging pieces of any transitional life period is allowing yourself to properly grieve. As athletes, it is easy to simply keep pressing onward, setting our sights on the next goal, the next accomplishment. But Matt Mounier realized he needed to allow himself to be sad about his basketball career coming to an end before he could truly move on and be successful in the next phase of his life. As he journaled about the struggles he faced in “the real world” he came to realize that he was not the only former athlete who experienced these difficulties. So, he began sharing his story so he could help others in that same stage of life.
I am honored to have found yet another incredible individual who is so honed in on the mission of continuously moving forward, and I am very excited to help share his story with you guys. I hope you enjoy my interview with Matt Mounier.
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Always remember, you can beat the odds and go the distance, if only you keep moving forward.