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70: “If I was going to have a chance, I had to go all in.” - My interview with Coca-Cola Company Director of Sports Marketing and former NCAA DI basketball player, Tiffany Stone

August 16, 2017

In this episode of Keep Moving Forward, I interview former William and Mary basketball player and current Director of Sports Marketing at the Coca-Cola Company, Tiffany Stone.


“If I was going to have a chance, I had to go all in.” Throughout her life, Tiffany Stone never held back. With the resilience fostered within her because of her sport, Tiffany discovered that she always has been and always will be a “push the envelope [kind of] girl”. From playing basketball at William and Mary, an NCAA Division I institution, to defending her sports’ program for future generations with the introduction of Title IX, to growing in her professional career to the heights she is at today, Tiffany credits her determination and refusal to be defeated with her sports mentality and the invaluable lessons she learned through basketball.


In athletics, it is key to develop something within the minds of young athletes that will not only make them good players, but that will sustain them along whatever path it is they choose to follow in life. Tiffany notes that one of the most important lessons she draws from her career is that “it’s not about me, it’s about us,” and this team orientedness drives her passion for her own personal growth as well as in facilitating the growth of others. I hope that you enjoy my discussion with Tiffany Stone.


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