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73: “As long as your mission is worthy, you will succeed.” - My interview with author, speaker, and former NFL and CFL linebacker, Rennie Curran

September 6, 2017
In this episode of Keep Moving Forward, I interview author, speaker, and former NFL and CFL linebacker, Rennie Curran.
“As long as your mission is worthy, you will succeed.” Rennie Curran lives and breathes this mantra, witnessing firsthand the importance of placing family first in all things. His parents escaped Liberia, knowing that there was a better future ahead for themselves as well as for the family they had to leave behind. As they tirelessly worked to create a new life in America, Rennie never once saw them act selfishly; everything they did was in pursuit of a better life for those they loved. Rennie grew up with the same heart for helping others, and it shined brightly in all aspects of his life, especially on the football field.
Falling in love with the sport and the possibilities it would allow him and his family, Rennie charged ahead in his athletic career. Attending the University of Georgia on a full scholarship, Rennie amassed a number of accolades while he was there and turned the head of the NFL. After three years at the collegiate level, Rennie turned pro, playing in both the National Football League and the Canadian Football League. Holding fast to the driving point behind his decision making as what would be best for his family, Rennie approached every situation with a selfless attitude.
Knowing that his athletic career would come to a close at some point in his life, Rennie took the necessary steps to prepare himself for a successful career post-football. Now a distinguished author, sought-after speaker, and life/business coach, Rennie knows the importance of branding yourself in the exact way you want others to perceive you, because it’s all about perspective. And not just the perspective of those who look at you from the outside, but how you view yourself, as well.
I hope that you all enjoy my interview with an individual who always works like he is a starter, Rennie Curran.
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