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75: “I never limit myself.” - My Interview with Accomplished Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, and Former Professional Basketball Player, Peter “Gold” Ezugwu

September 20, 2017
In the 75th episode of Keep Moving Forward I interview accomplished entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and former professional basketball player, Peter “Gold” Ezugwu.
“I never limit myself.” Basketball was never the end goal for Peter “Gold” Ezugwu. Instead, he used his professional athletic career as a platform to help catapult him into the next phase of his life. Rather than viewing basketball as the highest goal he could attain, Peter saw something much greater in his future: changing the world through entrepreneurship. Since his basketball career came to a close, Peter’s seen the inception of a number of companies and has his hand in many of them today.
Most prominently, Peter founded PowerVision, focusing on public speaking, empowerment, leadership, and coaching business leaders and entrepreneurs on developing their own visions. From PowerVision, Peter created The Gold Standard Show where he interviews the top business and athletic performers of today and how these individuals utilize their drive and passion to help them succeed in every facet of their lives.
Peter is an expert on how to best brand yourself in preparation for your transition out of the sporting world and into the next phase of your life. I hope that you enjoy my conversation with successful athlete turned exceptionally successful entrepreneur, Peter “Gold” Ezugwu.
For more on Peter, visit, PowerVision and follow Peter on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
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Always remember, you can beat the odds and go the distance, if only you keep moving forward.
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