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77: “Every shot counts.” - My interview with Vice President and Managing Director of Parker Executive Search, and former professional golfer, Ryan Grant

October 4, 2017

In the 77th episode of Keep Moving Forward I interview Vice President and Managing Director of Parker Executive Search, and former professional golfer, Ryan Grant.


“Every shot counts.” Knowing that we so often fall short and that we can’t even hope to live up to our own sometimes impossible expectations, discouragement is an easy state to find ourselves in. But in recognizing this reality of being let down by ourselves and others, why not place our faith in something that will never discourage us, never lead us astray, and never let us down? Ryan Grant’s own journey through athletics and beyond is reflective of such faith. His trust in God’s plan for his life lead Ryan to the decision to walk away from the sport of golf at a rather surprising time, but Ryan was so resolute in his faith, that he felt complete peace in this chapter of his life ending and his moving forward into the next.


This is not to say the transition into “the real world” was easy, as he spent the past ten years “working on and thinking about [golf]”. But his faith did help him make it through that process, as he knew his identity was not rooted in his sport, but in something far greater.


By staying “relentlessly focused, relationally rich, results driven, and resilient” in every aspect of his life (just as was instilled within him as an athlete), Ryan was able to walk through every door open to him until he determined what to do next.


I am grateful for the chance to help tell his story, and I hope that you all enjoy my interview with Ryan Grant.


For more on Ryan, visit Parker Executive Search, and connect with Ryan on LinkedIn.


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Always remember, you can beat the odds and go the distance, if only you keep moving forward.