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81: “I’m an all in kind of guy”- My interview with entrepreneur and former NCAA DI and 1980 Olympic qualifying track and field athlete, Ken Eaton

November 1, 2017
In the 81st episode of Keep Moving Forward, I interview entrepreneur and former NCAA DI and 1980 Olympic qualifying track and field athlete, Ken Eaton.
“Perhaps at the end of the day, it wasn’t about the Olympics...God didn’t give me what I really wanted, but He gave me what I really needed.” Ken Eaton qualified for the 1980 Summer Olympics only to have his dream stripped away when the United States boycotted the Games. The idea that you could work so hard in pursuit of that one goal, nearly achieving it, and then having it taken away through circumstances so far beyond your control is unfathomable. Though he was “disgusted” that something like this could happen, Ken pushed forward through bitterness and anger and came out of his tumultuous journey on the other side as a wildly successful Masters athlete and entrepreneur. Recognizing the drive within himself that he is “an all in kind of guy”, through yet another set of circumstances beyond his control, Ken decided to push full force into his passion of photography and turn it into a lucrative business.
Ken’s numerous transitions and relentless determination in the face of adversity prove what the athletic mind is truly capable of...if we are only willing to let it pull us forward instead of setting us back. I am so grateful for the chance to share Ken’s story, and I hope that you enjoy my discussion with star athlete turned star entrepreneur, Ken Eaton.
To learn more about Ken, visit Rare Earth Creations, Eaton Home Solutions, and follow Ken on Facebook and Instagram.
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Always remember, you can beat the odds and go the distance, if only you keep moving forward.