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85: “What is your goal worth to you?” - My interview with comedian, podcaster, entrepreneur, and former Maryville College football player, Joel Byars

November 29, 2017
In the 85th episode of Keep Moving Forward, I interview comedian, podcaster, entrepreneur, and former Maryville College football player, Joel Byars.
“What is your goal worth to you?” Is it worth sleepless nights grinding away, not knowing when your ultimate goal will be achieved? Is it worth missing out on the next new Netflix original series? Is it worth cancelling a night out with your friends so you can have a few extra hours to complete that critical project you’ve been working on? For former DIII football player and successful standup comedian Joel Byars, his passion to educate and entertain through comedy was worth all of this and so much more. Using the determination he developed as an athlete and the resiliency instilled within him from his mom, Joel refused to give up in his pursuit to change the world through comedy. Though he is a successful entrepreneur today, his journey here was not an overnight success. It took him years of work and patience to get him to where he is, but he will be the first to tell you “it was all worth it, because [he] knew what it was for.”
I am grateful for the chance to help share his story, and I hope you are both educated and entertained by my interview with athlete turned entrepreneurial comedian, Joel Byars.
To learn more about Joel, visit, and follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Also, subscribe to his Hot Breath Podcast on iTunes and follow Hot Breath on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. If you would like to see Joel perform live, you can do so every Wednesday at 8pm at Java Monkey in Decatur, GA.


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