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92: “Work ethic is something everybody can give.” - My Interview with MIT All-American Cross Country Runner, Musician, and Entrepreneur, Sarah Quinn

January 17, 2018
In the 92nd episode of Keep Moving Forward, I interview MIT All-American Cross Country Runner, Musician, and Entrepreneur, Sarah Quinn
“Work ethic is something everybody can give.” Talent is beyond your control. Work ethic, though? That’ entirely on you. You simply have to decide how badly you want it...and if it means enough to you, you will do whatever it takes to reach your goals. Sarah Quinn is living proof of this fact.
A breakout high school cross country star turned NCAA Academic All-American at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sarah Quinn was an unstoppable force. But when faced with an unexpected bout of anxiety and depression that running could not fix, she rediscovered a new piece of herself in music. Through a trying journey strewn with obstacle after obstacle, Sarah refused to give up. She always figured out a way to keep moving forward, and with the support of her family and the unbreakable mental fortitude that shaped her as an athlete and a student, Sarah would not be beaten. Today, she continues to press on in her life in huge ways as a musician and entrepreneur.
I had the privilege of going to high school with the Mighty Quinn and to say I am honored that she chose to share her story with me is an understatement. I hope you are inspired and moved by the story of the unbreakable Sarah Quinn.
If you want to learn more about Sarah and stay up to date and everything she is doing, you can follow her on Facebook and Instagram at the links in my show notes. For her latest music, follow her on SoundCloud and Spotify.
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Always remember, you can beat the odds and go the distance, if only you keep moving forward.